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“Illustrate it is a very professional company, they were on the ball from the beginning, and they nailed our video! Need I say more…”

Gamebuilder Studio Video Script
GameBuilder Studio. We all love to play games. But wouldn’t it be cool to make one? Imagine letting your creativity run wild and having the tools to do it. Yeah, start from the ground up, developing sophisticated cross-platform games with GameBuilder Studio. It’s so easy to use, you won’t need a Dummy’s Guide to game building to turn your ideas into gaming magic. Here’s the deal. You download the GameBuilder Studio editor. It’s Mac, Windows, or Linux ready. Just open and start creating games in an intuitive, visual environment with access to our online marketplace packed with all the game resources you need to make a mind-blowing game. Easily drag and drop scenery, characters, sound effects, artificial intelligence, and whatever else you need from the marketplace. Or if you’re a wizard developer, create your own game features from scratch for others to add to their games. It’s easy and flexible. So you’re only limited by your imagination. Once you’ve protected your game, you can launch your creation across all smartphone and online platforms with the click of a button. We’re talking iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Facebook. You get the idea, world domination. You don’t have to make it platform ready. It already is. Soon, commuters will be playing your gaming app on their mobile devices. And friends will be sharing it on Facebook. How cool is that? It’s simple to get started, even if you’re a beginner, and flexible enough for professional developers. Create once. Play everywhere.

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