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As a startup investor or potential investor, you know the investing process can be complicated…and sometimes even overwhelming… It’s a jungle out there! Gaining access to the opportunities you want can be a real hassle…. What startups can you invest in? How do you quickly screen them? How can you quickly gain investment access to them? That’s where we come in… FundersClub is a secure web service that gives investors unprecedented access to startup investment opportunities. See…we take many of the obstacles out of investing, by using trusted, decades-old industry standards…combined with fast, easy online access. FundersClub provides the tools you need to easily browse, screen and invest in innovative startups using dramatically smaller dollar amounts. We realize investing can be risky…so you can diversify your portfolio by spreading out investments to multiple startups of your choice, and support more entrepreneurs and innovation in the process. Plus, we automate payments and processing of legal documents with an easy online system. It’s just that simple! FundersClub. Fund the future. Support entrepreneurs and innovation. Visit our website to register …and start investing today.

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