ForenStick Explainer Video

ForenStick Video Script

This is Jack… at home. Problem is…He can’t sleep at night. See, a few behavior changes in the family have made Jack curious about late night and more than normal computer activity. He’d like to discretely investigate the computer… but he’s no techie… … If only Jack could tell the computer what he wants. Here’s Jack… at the office. Keeping a watchful eye on a few suspect employees. One’s possibly visiting inappropriate websites. Another may be dishonest… and leaking company trade secrets. Jack’s tired of playing Sherlock… sneaking and peeking around corners. Wondering, guessing, and not knowing is driving him nuts. Hiring a computer forensic expert costs big money… so that’s not an option. If only he could conduct a preliminary investigation… and solve the mystery once and for all. If only Jack had a Watson. Jack… meet your new sidekick! Forenstick. The investigative tool that fits in your back pocket, costs less than dinner… and requires no technical know-how! All you do is plug it in… And Forenstick goes to right to work. Now, with a few mouse clicks, Jack can sniff through information in a gazillion different areas… by keyword, date range or file type. Investigate computer activity… anywhere, anytime. And play sleuth… without leaving a trail. What’s more, he can use multiple computers… and store all his data in an online cloud. How cool is that? Looks like Jack’s right on track with his new sidekick… Oh! He’s also sleeping like a baby. Forenstick. It just works. And knowing brings peace of mind. For more information, email or give us a call today.

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