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Fattoria Liqueurs – Explainer Video Script
Okay, so you’ve heard of limoncello, and your reaction was, “Lemon what?” Limoncello is a traditional lemon liqueur made popular in Italy. The recipe is simple: First, steep lemon zest in spirits. Then, mix in simple syrup for sweetness. It’s a bit tart, not too sweet and lusciously lemony. That’s limoncello. The origins are unclear. Some believe limoncello was created by fishermen and outdoorsmen as a way to fight the cold. Others say that monks invented it in between devotionals. Whatever the truth, limoncello eventually swept the countryside and become a must-have drink after meals. Today, limoncello can be enjoyed as an aperitif, or as part of any number of delicious cocktails. You’ll find that the tart sweetness and lemon hold their own in any variety of flavor combinations. Try a few! We are Fattoria di Limone, an American artisanal liqueur company, committed to helping you get your lemon on, one cocktail at a time. Cheers!

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