Ezanga ABC Explainer Video

Client Comments:

The Illustrate It team is a blend of creative, organized and detail oriented people. Their efficiency is impressive! The process was well managed and they kept the ball rolling to meet each project deadline. They were receptive to our input and making sure there were hints of the eZanga personality in the video. I’m so glad we found them before we took on the project ourselves! We have already decided to use them for our next video!

Ezanga ABC Explainer Video Script

How’s business? Is your phone ringing off the wall? Website getting lots of visitors? Could be better, right? If only you had the time to connect with more customers…to go from ghost-town to boomtown. Imagine how business would soar! eZanga can make that happen. Our simple advertising solution will grow your business…by showing people the way to your website. We know phone calls are gold for business owners…that’s why we record, track, and send you all call details. We put your ads on websites relevant to your business…and connect you with people searching for your product or service. Plus, we target your ads to the customers you need…in the places you choose. And send monthly reports so you can measure the results. eZangaABC will manage your ad campaign…increase your monthly phone calls and website visitors…and turn online visitors into offline customers. So you can focus on growing your business…and we’ll continue to do what we do best! Getting started’s easy! Sign up today…and watch your business grow!

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