EZ Texting For Restaurants Explainer Video

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EZ Texting for Restaurants/Nightclubs Explainer Video Script
At Ez Texting, we know the challenges in marketing your restaurant or nightclub. Try mass text blasting, its easy and affordable! How does it work? Sam owns EZBar, a restaurant that turns into a nightclub after dinner. He wants to offer a free appetizer before 11pm every Friday night to get more traffic. To spread the word, he buys keyword “EZBAR” from EZ Texting and places a sign out front saying: “1 Free Appetizer on Friday night when you text keyword EZBAR to 313131.” Customers who text in can now receive reservation reminders, promos, surveys and more. It also integrates with popular CRM’s and mail servers or you can segment contact lists into unlimited groups for targeting. More customers, more sales, less stress! Visit EZTexting.com or call…

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