EZ Texting For Real Estate Explainer Video

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EZ Texting For Real Estate Explainer Video Script
Need a simple and affordable way to get the word out about a new listing? Try Mass Text Message Marketing! Marcy’s a real estate agent who has a hot new listing. She wants to reach out to local potential home buyers. Marcy turns to EZ Texting, buys the keyword 100MAIN, then places a message on her listing ads: “Text 100Main to 313131 to check out this fantastic properties” Marcy builds her contact list, now she can message for every new listing. Which means more contacts, sales, and less hassle! With EzTexting’s Mass Text Blasting, send listings, reminders, surveys and more! Integrate with popular mail servers, and segment contact lists into unlimited groups for targeting. EZ Texting makes mass text blasting simple and affordable! To learn more, visit EZTexting.com or call…

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