EZ Texting For Churches Explainer Video

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EZ Texting for Churches Explainer Video Script
At Ez Texting, we know the challenges for churches to grow or sustain memberships. Why not send a mass text blast? Its easy and affordable. How does it work? Peter manages Sacred Heart Church and wants to build his contact list during Easter services. He buys the keyword EASTER from EZ Texting, places a message in bulletins and signs around the lobby: “Receive today’s Sermon, text “EASTER to 313131.” Peter’s contact list generates from those that reply, now its easy to send information about church and event reminders! EzTexting’s Mass Text Blasting system can also solicit donations, offer daily inspirations, surveys, and much more! It allows for integration with popular mail servers and CRMs, even segment contact lists into unlimited groups for targeting. Visit EzTexting.com or call…

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