CurrencyMate Explainer Video

CurrencyMate Explainer Video Script

Got some foreign currency you’d like to exchange? Say Euros for US dollars? Whoa! Looks like those high commission rates will swallow most of your money. Wouldn’t it be sweet to save money…and do the cash exchange with someone else? Well now you can! With CurrencyMate…The social platform to buy and sell foreign currency with other people. See…CurrencyMate connects people who want to sell currency to people who want to buy it…by simply placing an ad. Just log into your CurrencyMate account. Select the currency you want to buy or sell…the amount…and voilà! You’ll be notified when another CurrencyMate user matches your offer. Then…you touch base with him and set up an appointment to exchange the currency…live and in person. CurrencyMate only charges a small flat fee to bring the buyer and seller together…whatever the amount exchanged! No more commissions to pay. And no more useless cash lying around from your trip abroad

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