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CSP Backup Explainer Video Script
We all own something that’s valuable and worth protecting, So we take out insurance policies as a backup – just to be safe… The business world’s no different. Insurance will cover your hardware, but it will never replace your data. How long could your company survive if you lost all your mission-critical data? Or access to your system? Because it’s not a matter of IF it happens…but a matter of WHEN… What would an hour…a day…or a week of downtime mean for your business? Did you know that 100% of all hardware and software eventually fails? That 40% of businesses shut their doors if they don’t recover their data in 24 hours? You may think you don’t need backup…you’re already covered…or it’s too complicated to understand… All the more reason to be proactive now! And protect your business. Before it’s too late. At CSP Backup, we offer a fully managed, backup and recovery solution unlike anything on the market today…for any size business. We’re locally based, so we can extract your data…quickly…to keep your business going. CSP Backup has your data covered. Because we monitor, manage and own every single part of the backup and recovery process, we can provide you with true image-based backup and a fast, 1-step recovery solution. Plus, our team of dependable experts watches over you every day…making sure your backup is successful. Isn’t your business worth protecting? Sign up for CSP Backup today!

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