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Dave’s on the road again… Panicking to find that client’s phone number… Desperately searching for their last conversation… With 6 email accounts, 2 phones, address books and gigabytes of email archives… He’s all over the map! Dave’s too busy to track every contact and conversation. ”Hi…..Mary. How are you?” “Sure, I can meet.” Let’s face it, connections are key to his success…but fumbling through a call doesn’t leave the right impression. If only Dave had a clone… or two… to track and put ALL his contact information and conversations at his fingertips… Enter Cloze… The automatic one-place-to-search… with the ‘who, what, when, and where’ for every contact… whenever you need it. Cloze organizes all your email, business connections, social networks, address books and archives into a single useful view…every interaction you’ve ever had with your contacts… So you can… … Pick up where the conversation left off last time… … Access your address book in the cloud… on your mobile devices and computers… … Search in one place for a complete background profile before you make contact… … And even if you change jobs, Cloze stays with you. You don’t have to lift a finger… Cloze keeps all your interactions and connections up-to-date …automatically! Pretty sweet, huh? Even sharing with your friends and co-workers is automatic! And totally safe! Just give Cloze permission… and we’ll update any changes Cloze discovers or either of you make to contacts you both share. And Cloze makes introductions a breeze. We rank, sort, and rate everyone’s relationships with their contacts… then recommend the right person to contact. So if Dave wants an introduction to Mary’s boss… Cloze finds someone in his network who’s got the best relationship with her boss. Now when Dave searches for a specific person… he sees the latest contact information…his entire relationship, including past and present conversations…and all the people that know his contacts. Looks like we’ve simplified and organized Dave’s life. Obviously, managing his business relationships is paying off! Cloze…for a Lifetime’s Worth of Connections Sign up today!

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