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CloudShare Pro Plus Video Script

If your company does any software development… you’ll know what a pain in the %$#@ it is setting up development environments… Multiple servers & configurations… networks to connect them… adding all the tools needed…. It’s excruciating!…soooo 20th century..dealing with slow & costly IT guys, expensive hardware, server setup….maintenance problems & zero ability to collaborate?? It’s pure madness! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create complex development and testing environments in minutes? Being able to easily edit environments, share with colleagues, take snap shots for backup, and collaborate with coworkers or clients, easily & securely? Well.. now you can… Introducing CloudShare ProPlus… With CloudShare what used to take days, or even weeks…is now as easy as flicking a switch. CloudShare’s team of ultra geeks has built a super cool one of a kind cloud computing solution that makes it easy to build, development and test environments for any business application instantly..on-demand, all in the cloud! Complete and easy cloud solutions for development, testing, migration, training, demos and proof of concepts! Hey…NO more waiting for IT… No more frustration, high costs, insane set up times, banging your head..trying to manage those physical servers, installs, downloads, recoding or software licensing..Period! Click a button.. and you’re up & running in minutes! Forget tedious IT setup tasks…start developing NOW! Easily..Send a copy of your environment to anyone, anywhere.. with a URL link, one click and boom they are inside your environment in the cloud. As simple as that! Work with virtual teams with no risk to your original creation! Listen..think of CloudShare as Google Docs for development! It’s easy to share, get feedback, test & make changes! Cause CloudShare let’s you simply make your development environment as shareable as a document….no more foolin’ around with grueling hours of edits like the old ways of doing things! To be specific, CloudShare allows you to host an environment on multiple servers with 300 GB of disk space & 10 GB of editable ram for less than the price of a pizza night…it scales with you as you grow, allowing you to add more environments and resources as needed! Once you’re signed up, you can browse the on-site app store and search the template marketplace for superstar templates and features of the virtual environment world….all of the work is done for you by CloudShare’s amazing community of contributors! Goodbye long setups, server frustrations, money drains and sloppy edits. Hello.. CloudShare! The ONLY way to develop, test and collaborate in the cloud. Take it for a free test drive now and see what it will do for you.

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