City Of Barrie “Rethink Waste”

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City of Barrie “Rethink Waste” Script
Somewhere…in a deep dark corner of a garage…in the City of Barrie…sits a lonely Green Bin… Michael: Hey Mom. What’s up? Mom: Just putting out the garbage. Can you help me? Michael: (rolls his eyes) Okay…You’re trying to cram all that into one bag? Why aren’t you using the green bin? Mom: Well…nobody else does. Do we even have a green bin? Michael: I used it as a skateboard ramp…It’s here somewhere… (Show Michael rummaging through the garage, climbing on junk, tossing stuff aside… finally uncovering a dusty green bin, covered in cobwebs and dust…he opens it to find the Welcome Kit… Michael: Got it! Have you ever even used it? Mom: What’s the point? Doesn’t it all go to the same place anyway? Michael: No. It says here the garbage truck’s got two different compartments. One for garbage. One for organics. It’s separated. It goes to different places…and the organics get turned into compost and potting soil. Michael: You know they can’t take that bag if it’s too heavy. Mom: Ya, but I don’t want to go over the bag limit… Michael: We won’t go over the bag limit…if you used your green bin…and you won’t have to clean up after the garbage gets ripped open by animals. Mom: But using the green bin sounds so gross Michael. Michael: It doesn’t have to be gross Mom…You just use a compostable liner in the bin… Mom: Ok Mike, let’s give it a try… Hey! Come back and help me drag this bag back! (Show what can go into a green bin…especially things that people may not be aware of…like meat and bones, pumpkins, dairy and eggs, wet and soiled paper, dryer lint…) (Show Michael walking away, texting like crazy on his cell and not listening to his Mom) It’s time for Barrie to start rethinking waste!

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