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CallFire for Small Business Explainer Video Script
How can CallFire help small businesses? Today more people own mobile phones than computers! It’s the fastest growing industry in the world and quickly becoming the most important form of small business advertising! With CallFire mobile marketing is simple, effective, and affordable. From announcing specials to events, CallFire’s easy-to-use Voice & Text Broadcasting lets you connect with your entire customer list with one click. Calling a big list of clients? Try CallFire’s cloud call center auto-dialer to filter out voicemails or busy signals, connect only when a live person answers. Or purchase local or toll free numbers, to place ads and track the effectiveness from each number. Log into your account to view results such as.. How many customers were contacted? How many replied? This helps you decide when to run your next promotion. Need help? CallFire provides live, one-on-one customer support! To learn more, visit or call…

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