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In today’s ever-changing HR world… It’s a real challenge to stay on top of the game. Especially in California… Where federal and state laws often conflict… And where complex employment laws and regulations can change in the blink of an eye… Some HR managers are always behind the 8-ball… …Scrambling to find the right form… …Winging it to save time… …Or even rolling the dice on a search engine. Holy smokes! Talk about chaos! But not Jackie… She’s in command of her HR Department… Because she has access to HRCalifornia… …The go-to website for HR professionals… Where Jackie gets expert, California-specific answers to tough compliance questions. HRCalifornia seamlessly guides Jackie through the complexities of California employment law…providing current, accurate, and easy-to-understand information. From plain-English summaries of employment laws and step-by-step compliance instructions…to hundreds of essential HR forms and checklists. When in doubt, Jackie turns to HRCalifornia first…to avoid costly fines, and potential litigation… With HRCalifornia, it’s a cinch for her to stay up-to-the minute on employment issues… …Because CalChamber has experts at the state capitol…just next door…monitoring the latest legislation – as it happens…AND subject matter specialists analyzing how new laws may impact human resource practices… …So Jackie can accurately and confidently answer employment questions. Plus, HRCalifornia’s super easy to navigate! Finding quick answers to challenging issues and questions couldn’t be easier. Right Jackie? Save time. Simplify your job. And make confident decisions. Find out more. Sign up for a free 15-day trial today! HRCalifornia…Brought to you by CalChamber

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