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BubbleVision Explainer Video Script
Meet Miss Johnson. Like many teachers, she loves her job: interacting with students, great schedule, the personal satisfaction from shaping young minds. But there’s one thing all busy educators can agree on that isn’t a plus: grading tests. First of all, those bulky grading machines are very expensive. You have to have a specialist install it and then hope it doesn’t break down. There’s waiting in line just to use the machine with all the other teachers trying to grade their papers. When it does break down, repair is expensive. And then, if the machine can’t read an answer, it gets marked as incorrect which means the student’s grade suffers unnecessarily. Not cool. So, when Miss Johnson’s school administrators finally get the test results, they’re not quite accurate. This hurts the school’s reporting at a district level and gives false information. Not good. If only there was a way to grade those bubble tests easily, conveniently, and most importantly, accurately – without it being such a hassle. Introducing BubbleVision – a revolutionary new bubble sheet grading system. With over a 99% accuracy rate, BubbleVision takes the work out of grading. No special hardware is required, so you can grade anywhere. All you need is a computer, a scanner, and the internet. That’s it. Unlike other systems, BubbleVision is flexible. It can grade single and multiple-answer questions, both vertical and horizontal bubble formats, and can even hop over the essay responses and keep on grading, all on the same page. And those students that make… interesting marks on their tests? BubbleVision can detect which answer the student intended with 99% accuracy. Take that, clunky, old machine. Once BubbleVision is finished scanning and grading the bubble sheets, it seamlessly sends the results back to your integrated assessment software. And boom, the grading is done. So, back to the story. Miss Johnson’s school got BubbleVision so now they can grade with total flexibility – quickly grading tests anywhere they have internet access. Now, when the bell rings Miss Johnson can go home, review any questionable marks, and let BubbleVision take it from there. Her students’ test results are accurate, online, and ready to review. She’s able to relax and recharge or enjoy her weekend without dreading more grading on her time off. Miss Johnson loves her job even more, the school administrators are happy with their accurate reporting, (not to mention the money they are saving on scanning machine hardware and maintenance) and no student has to suffer from inaccurate grading. Happier students. Happier teachers. And happier administrators. Good news all around. Finally, grading made easy. Want to know if BubbleVision can be integrated with your school? Click here for more information or visit bubblevision.org.

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