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Did you know that 87% of victims have no idea they’ve been hacked until it’s too late? Ever had a cyber criminal break into your computer and send embarrassing emails to your entire contact list? Or evil worms, bots or viruses wreak havoc on your system? Even tho’ you’ve got the latest anti-virus protection? Ya, it really sucks. Well no more! Bust those threats with Bot Revolt… the newest and best online protection software ever. With more than a billion known bad guys out there… … and 3,000 suspect IP addresses added every day… Bot Revolt automatically protects you. 24/7. In real time. Keeping hackers out. And your personal data in. Every .002 seconds, Bot Revolt scans your inbound and outbound communication… … Identifies and blocks intruders from communicating with your computer. And shows you exactly who your PC is talking to. It’s an extra layer of security that’s easy to install and use. No need for endless updates, alerts and antivirus scans. Plus, it’s quiet, efficient, and cheaper than a cheeseburger! Arm yourself with Bot Revolt. And put an end to online threats, botnets, hackers, and viruses. Download our 10-day free trial today!

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