Bluum Explainer Video

Client Comments
“Ever since the ‘what is company xyz about’ videos came along, I have wanted one so badly. Unfortunately, they were way outside of my financial reach. When Wayne contacted me, I was instantly sold on his work and setup. After going through one full production cycle, I’m happy about the ease of the process and quality of the final product, as well as the great communication. I will use the service again for future projects.”

Bluum Explainer Video Script
This is Katy she is a mom who hates going to the mailbox…and this is Jen and she LOVES going to the mailbox, because her Bluum box has arrived! Every month, Jen opens an all-new Bluum box to discover the latest, most-buzzed about, mom approved products from As a member, she also shares her reviews of each product, buys online, and discusses her favourite goodies with other Bluum Box moms. Instead of browsing the aisles for new products, or taking advice from… everyone she knows. Jen will receive a box of baby products to sample that are carefully selected by the mom team. Samples come in all sizes and variety – giving Bluum moms a hands-on way to discover the best for their baby. Now YOU can join Jen and a fast-growing mommy network on sharing in the joy of a monthly Bluum Box delivery! What will Bluum send you this month? Goodies for both mom and baby… Become a member online today!

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