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BlackDuck Software Explainer Video Script
What is OSS Logistics? Companies today are under immense pressure to create faster, cheaper, better, and more secure software than ever before. Open source software is the key. It allows developers to spend time creating something amazing rather than reinventing the wheel every time they code Today there are more lines of great code to choose from than can be counted (actually we do count them, but that’s another story). How does a company keep visibility and control of all that? The answer is Black Duck OSS Logistics – the world’s only end-to-end platform for managing and optimizing open source code. First, we help companies see the activity and popularity associated with various open source projects for free on Ohloh, the Black Duck Open Hub. Once someone chooses code, our OSS Logistics software really kicks into gear. The code is scanned for its origins and licenses, Approved automatically with built-in policies and workflows, Tracked and inventoried, so everyone knows where it is and can re-use it, Secured against vulnerabilities, And ultimately, delivered. We automate and integrate the whole process – from company to company, from developer to developer, from product to product. You know…we’re a lot like the Amazon of open source. We don’t make open source software, but we make a lot of people happy with it. What’s even better is that we save companies billions of dollars all along the way. We make open source easy to use, easy to love, and easy to manage. We are OSS Logistics. We are Black Duck. To learn more, visit

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