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BlackDuck Software – Secure Open Source Explainer Video Script
Yup…that just happened. The Heartbleed Bug sent over 500,000 organizations and all their developers scrambling to find out if they were vulnerable. Each of them were faced with the same questions: Do we use it? Where do we use it? How often do we use it? And, is this the zombie apocalypse. Fortunately, the answer to the last question turned out to be no. The other questions? Well… for many unlucky hard-working companies, let’s just say they’ve had better days, or even better months… Given the size of the average company’s code base, it must have felt like looking for a lost package in that warehouse at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Arc.” Yikes. But, some companies weren’t so lost. Why? Black Duck OSS Logistics – the world’s only end-to-end platform for choosing, scanning, approving, cataloging, and delivering secure open source code. With our software, companies were given nearly magical visibility into their open source components, and once identified… …upgrading OpenSSL was a snap. Our secret advantage is the Black Duck KnowledgeBase – the world’s largest database of open source information, which continuously monitors the National Vulnerability Database. Automatically, we compare that security data against the code catalog we help our customers build. If you have any concerns about your own security, ask us about our Open Source Risk Profile, and we’ll provide you a quick and thorough analysis of the security, operational and legal risk associated with any open source you have. Remember, when it comes to software vulnerabilities like OpenSSL. It’s better to use your head then your heart. That’s the power of OSS Logistics. That’s the power of Black Duck. To learn more about Black Duck and the Open Source Risk Profile, please, visit

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