Bit9 Retail Explainer Video

Bit9 Retail Explainer Video Script

Meet Sam. Sam is a store systems manager for a global grocery store chain. Sam’s job is to manage and protect more than 7,000 retail workstations across all 450 corporate locations. Poor Sam’s in a bit of a pickle. Pardon the pun. See, he’s always relied on traditional anti-virus solutions to protect his endpoints. But with growing compliance requirements, aging point of sale devices, limited bandwidth, and increasingly sophisticated malware, his current solution just doesn’t cut it anymore. Constant anti-virus scanning and signature updates have stretched Sam’s legacy store systems beyond belief, creating performance issues, and making his company vulnerable. Yeah, and he’s also worried about controlling data leakage what with store employees plugging personal devices into his systems. Plus, with the holidays approaching, Sam’s afraid he’ll lose control of his security posture and become open to attacks while his anti-virus isn’t up to date. What’s more, he must continuously prove PCI compliance or face steep fines. Sam knows there must be a better way to protect his company, his brand, and his customers’ information. No sweat. Bit9’s trust-based application control and whitelisting solutions got Sam covered with the best possible protection against cyber security threats. Bit9 establishes a level of trust for all software, applications, and devices in Sam’s infrastructure, so he can detect in real time what’s arriving and attempting to execute throughout his entire environment. By running a proved and trusted software, he can better protect his assets. Plus, up-to-the-minute reports help him continuously measure and monitor his security posture. So since deploying Bit9, Sam knows that his systems are managed in a way that is compliant year round. So he’s safe from noncompliance fees, is confident he can stop targeted cyber attacks and malware, protect valuable cardholder data and his brand, has eliminated anti-virus scans completely, freeing up processing power and extending the life cycle of his systems, controls the software his employees run by blocking unauthorized applications and devices. Oh, yeah. And finally, Sam has total peace of mind. Now his POS systems are so well protected, Sam’s thinking of putting Bit9 to work on his corporate end points and servers. Close your endpoint security gaps today with Bit9. For a five-day free trial of Bit9 Parity, visit For more information, email

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