Bit9 Protecting Your Assets Explainer Video

Bit9 Protecting Your Assets Explainer Video Script
Aw, how sweet. Little Suzie’s playing on daddy’s laptop again. Whoops. What’s she clicking on? Did you know that 75% of malware is distributed to a small percentage of highly targeted computers, and that antivirus stops only one of four targeted cyber attacks. It’s no joke. Today’s advanced threats are super sophisticated and they’re on the rise. Criminal enterprises, hacktivists, nation states are wreaking havoc, targeting users through email, websites, instant messenger, USB devices, and social engineering, stealing data, intellectual property, and financial information, and wiping out systems left, right, and center. Yep. It’s one destructive battlefield out there. Problem is, traditional antivirus software and firewalls just can’t keep up. You need to protect your assets. Arm yourself and stop the thieves in their tracks. How? With Bit9, the innovative trust-based security solution that detects and prevents sophisticated cyber threats. Let’s rewind back to Suzie, the innocent end user who clicked on a malware icon and completely shut down her dad’s IT infrastructure. With Bit9, those bad guys don’t stand a chance. Here’s why. Bit9 provides advanced threat protection for endpoints and servers. Using the market’s leading trust-based application control and white listing solution, the four components of Bit9’s advanced threat protection platform work in unison to provide ongoing, lasting protection. Trust helps you establish a level of credibility for all software, applications, and devices, so you know what should and shouldn’t be allowed to execute. Detect allows you to identify high risk files and users in real time. Protect secures your assets with trust-based application controls that enforce user and context based policies, while dashboards and reports continuously monitor and measure everything that goes on inside your system so no one can steal your crown jewels ever again. Protect your assets, endpoints, and servers, improve your operational efficiency, reduce your costs and your risk with Bit9, the global leader in advanced threat protection. Sign up for a free trial today at For more information, call 617-393-7499, or email

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