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The process was smooth, the writing was smart and effective and the end result was a video that tells our story really well. Thanks guys- you did a great job.

BIB Explainer Video Script
It takes dedicated volunteers for a school to reach its full potential. But managing background checks… …By manually entering and updating convoluted handwritten forms, faxes and spreadsheets …And screening hundreds or thousands of volunteers to figure out who’s acceptable …While legally safeguarding your applicants’ personal information …Is a real headache. Just one small mistake can be very costly… not to mention the whole world knowing about it! Now you can manage and screen your volunteers with BIB’s easy and safe online solution… …Secure Volunteer! Here’s how… Simply direct volunteers to your school’s branded Secure Volunteer website… …Where they can fill out an online background request …You can get electronicallysigned consent and authorization forms …Collect payment for volunteer screening services…if need be… …And personally thank them for volunteering! See…With Secure Volunteer…volunteer applicants handle all data entry…then applications are automatically submitted to BIB for controlled processing. Once received, our experts conduct a highquality background screen…and let you know who meets your volunteer policies…and who may be a potential risk. With our online reports, it’s easy to keep track of approvals…or view available volunteers by school. Plus, Secure Volunteer can issue your volunteers personalized ID badges…complete with screening status and expiration dates… Secure Volunteer is a complete volunteerscreening management system that reduces your workload, eliminates mistakes, and improves the effectiveness of your school’s safety program. Looking for an effortless, yet reliable way to streamline and facilitate your volunteer process? Contact us today to schedule a free, nohassle demo. Secure Volunteer Simply Secure!

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