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Barrie U Explainer VIdeo Script

Why doesn’t Barrie have a university? When we asked Barrie residents why their city doesn’t have a university… here’s what they said: Um… ’Cause we don’t need a skilled or educated workforce? NO! There’s no place to put it? NO!! ‘Cause local businesses don’t want one? NO… Not likely!!! Because Barrie’s a retirement community? NO!!!! There’s too many universities in Ontario? NO!!!!! Because we like sending our kids away to school! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!! Well… If the truth be known…. There’s NO good reason why the city of Barrie doesn’t have a university! But NOW’S the time to stand up for Barrie… Make your voices heard… And say yes! WHY? Because Barrie has absolutely everything… … except a university campus! With a population of 140,000… and the potential to reach over ¾ million people… We’re central Ontario’s leading city… … And one of the fastest growing cities in Canada… Our dynamic waterfront community on beautiful Kempenfelt Bay… … Offers a great lifestyle, and a multitude of year-round recreational activities… And yet… we’re one of the largest cities in Canada without a university campus. A satellite university campus would… Increase the number of Barrie kids & residents attending university… …And studying close to home Create jobs Attract and educate a more skilled labour force Revitalize our downtown core… And… Boost our economy! Need we say more? Barrie is the perfect place for a university campus! Bring it on.. We’re ready! Show your support today!

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