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If your business is like most, you rely heavily on spreadsheets, emails or legacy software. But as your business grows, these primitive tools no longer cut it and often lead to inefficiencies, increased costs and impaired growth. What you need software that’s customized to your business and can automate your people, processes and data while providing visibility into key performance metrics of your business at a glance. But developing custom software has always been expensive and time-consuming, requiring large teams and several months or even years of work… And in spite of the large investments made by organizations, statistics show an alarming number of projects are delivered late, over budget, or lacking key features. There has to be a better way! And, there is! It’s called ApplicationToGo! We analyzed business software across different industries and extracted common capabilities found in typical business software. We created ApplicationToGo Genie that streamlines the process of assembling these capabilities in your custom software, cutting down the development time by up to 50%. Here’s how Our unique ARC Methodology starts with analyzing your business processes to develop a feature list that supports your business. We then take that information and input it into our “Application Genie”, and with a click of a button transform the analysis into functional and tested software – Yep, just like that! Your application automatically gets rich user interface, data management screens with search, security, reporting and many more features. But we also understand that you have unique requirements. Our baseline software is built with extensibility in mind and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. And don’t worry; your software is integration ready which allows it to easily plug in with the rest of your business. ApplicationToGo can help you develop feature rich custom business software in half the time and up to half the cost of traditional methodologies. Take the first step to turbo charge your business. Contact us for a free consultation to see how ApplicationToGo can help you succeed.

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