All Covered Whiteboard Explainer Video

All Covered Explainer Video Script

When it comes to IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses, it seems everyone’s got a guy. Whether it’s installing new software, PC repairs or just general up-keep… That’s all good, but does your guy make effective decisions for your IT investments with an eye towards technological advances, business goals and a multi-year plan for each critical application? Don’t get us wrong, he’s probably a good guy… we hire these guys all the time… What‘s missing is an in-depth understanding of the technology, alternative solutions and the risks involved with ineffective IT. Do you have a strategic technology roadmap? That’s why at All Covered, we’re committed to understanding your business strategy and providing technology solutions that make a positive impact to your business. Ever wonder what you just said “no” to? Ever wonder what your peers are doing? We’ll help you look at technology investments strategically to create a more efficient business. We even cover the things you might not have considered like Workforce flexibility and Cloud storage. If you’re still wondering what the cloud is and if you should go there… we can help with that too. “I gotta guy” is not a safe plan… If you want a partner that thinks strategically, you can trust us to be part of your team. We are not just “IT guys”. We ‘get’ how technology makes business run smoothly… Now it’s time that you do to. All Covered – Leveraging technology to solve business challenges. We’re your team. Call or visit

This explainer video should help you understand why having an IT solution should be more than just “a guy”.

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