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3PM Explainer Video Script
As an investment manager, you know the frustrating obstacles getting in the way of growing your business. You’re not only a portfolio manager, but a salesperson and client service rep to boot. And once your new business pipeline runs dry, that’s just another aggravation keeping you from your investments; you know, your real job. Thinking about expansion? More roadblocks. So you have three choices. Do nothing and hope for a miracle. Increase overhead by hiring inexperienced or expensive salespeople. Consider hiring a third party marketer. Third party marketers, or 3PMs, are experienced professionals who take the sales, marketing, and client servicing duties off your plate, allowing you to focus on managing the portfolio. In addition, some 3PMs handle be important yet tedious tasks that investment managers don’t want to do– creating institutional-quality marketing materials, maintaining database profiles, and completing those time-consuming RFPs keeping you at the office til the wee hours of night. 3PMs are industry experts who partner with your team to develop customized sales and marketing strategies, opening doors to new markets and new possibilities, allowing you to find business that otherwise would be out of reach. What does that mean for your business? New clients and asset growth with a results-oriented budget. The advantages are simple. 3PMs know your business and have relationships and access to industry professionals who hold the keys to your future success. Think of a 3PM as an extension of your firm, providing comprehensive, efficient sale solutions with a track record of results. Make your first impression count. Third party marketing’s time-tested, targeted approach and established industry contacts mean that sales and marketing should not ever hold you back again. Learn more about third party marketing today. Visit www.3pm.org.

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