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Video production services can involve a great many facets and details. Using live actors, film, and cameras can also be costly and beyond your company’s budget for a piece of advertising, but it can also be impossible to ignore the impact that video can have on your company’s profile and visibility. With over sixty percent of web traffic coming to web sites from video links, having video on your web site can be a needed asset for your company. Have you considered animated video production services? With Illustrate It, your company can have an affordable, original piece of animated video that explains your company, product, or services and grabs the attention of your customers.

Most people think of children’s cartoons when they think of animation, however animated video production services can be educational, explanatory, and stylistically suited to your company. Cartoon mice chasing cats may be an option if that is what you want, however animation can also show production processes, explain your website’s service features, or give a brief overview of what your company offers to its customer base. Animated video, in this case, is anything but kid stuff. With Illustrate It you can choose your style of animation and purpose and our talented animators and creative staff will work with you to make your animated video as playful, elegant, or straight forward as you wish. Perhaps you need to explain how a major piece of machinery in your catalog works, or show an overview of how to use your web sites services? Maybe you want to attract attention with colorful characters? Your company can even have a multi-lingual video to offer a translated explanation to customers using a different language! Whichever style you are seeking, animated video production services can address your needs.

Illustrate It is an Addy Award winning company with the American Advertising Federation. None of Illustrate It’s videos are from stock photography or animation; each video they produce is unique and tailored to the customer. Customers receive final say in approving the video, retain all rights, and are involved in the entire animation process from the starting conference calls, to choosing voice narrators, to approving the final product. Your input is vitally important to be certain that you are satisfied with the end product and that it suits your company’s needs. Your video does not even need to be solely used on your web site; send it to news papers for publicity and quick and attention-getting explanation or use it to pitch your company in thirty seconds or less with a modern take on an “elevator pitch.” Whatever needs you have for video production services can be filled with Illustrate It’s professional and creative animated videos.

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