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Video production company services vary throughout the industry depending on their niche. There are many different fields and specialties within them that a video production company may focus on and finding the right fit for your purpose can bring life to your project that it otherwise wouldn’t have. Sales videos, training videos, tv commercials and infomercials, and videos of live events for archive or simulcast are just some of the areas of more narrow focus that a video production company might highlight as their field of expertise.
Sales Videos

To come out ahead in today’s tough economy, your business needs to convey your message in a compelling way. Do your marketing tools deliver your message with the impact necessary to deliver results? Do they generate response from your target market? Get powerful results with sales videos from your video production company that persuade your audience to take action!
Training Videos

Do pre-packaged training programs fail to meet your company’s needs? Do you need individualized training solutions to make positive changes in your team or meet demands for specific compliance requirements? Whether you need straight video training, interactive production, online e-learning availability, many video production companies have training specialists and instructional coaches with the experience to handle the production of your training program. What is the approach you’re looking for – straightforward, technical, motivational, or entertaining? Capturing the attention of your audience to transform attitudes and behaviors can all happen through the use of video production.
Live Event Videos

Live events, whether seminars, conventions, or workshops, are a proven and powerful way to create excitement about and within your organization. Producing a large event comes with a set of challenges that is both particular and complex and requires a professional event production team with a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge. Capturing the event in a digital format for use in promotional marketing or simulcast for distance attendance requires the skill and expertise of a video production company familiar with the unique circumstances that live production brings.
TV Commercials

How many brand names can you identify by their logo? A memorable ad campaign can powerfully tell the story of your brand. We all know the familiar “golden arches” first by their ads. Whether online or on air, you need creative concepts, brand messaging, and well timed and executed campaigns to deliver your message to your target audience and make it stick! A professional video production company like Illustrate IT can assist in the creation of top-notch ad that will get your brand noticed.
Infomercials & DRTV

Infomercials and direct response television are not just reserved for late night tv viewing anymore. But this type of marketing has its own brand of specialized challenges – you must keep the viewers’ interest while educating them and calling them to action over time. The professionals at Illustrate IT, a leading video production company know how to bring your piece to life with a video piece sure to inform and entertain your audience.

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