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Advertisers who want to incorporate video marketing into their advertising campaign often look first for a video producer. But in the marketplace, it may be difficult to know that you need a producer if you don’t know what a video producer does.

To better explain that function, this outline is intended to give you an idea of what is being done on your behalf by the professional video producer you hire. It is far more than writing a script then shooting and editing video, as you will see.

A professional video producer will plan for any and all resources to get the job done and accepts responsibility for all aspects. This includes managing the production budget and looking for ways to cut costs, overseeing location and talent scouting which involves traveling requirements of talent to and from locations and preparing for facilities, power and accessibility issues at the location beforehand, knowing the client and understanding the function of the production, and jumping in to get his hands dirty in the production of the video.

The effective video producer knows that creativity and technical know-how may not be his/her strong-suit, so he/she would hire people with better skills in those areas, acknowledging their strengths and his/her own. Realizing that the most creative people are often difficult to work with, a video producer takes responsibility for hiring and firing of the video production team, but praises in public and punishes in private to avoid unnecessary turn-over.

As with any effective, organized person, a healthy dose of paranoia – “what am I missing? What did I forget?” – is always in the back of the mind of the video producer. Schedules are an obsession with producers, as is the confidentiality of the client’s information. He/She is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of a video project so he/she checks download links personally, double-checking work more than once, after every change to content, before sending them to the client. To avoid potential upset, a video producer will usually ask to see in-progress work often, at varying stages of production, offering constructive criticism to keep the project within guidelines of the client without micromanaging the team.

Many successful executives know the wisdom in the saying under-promise and over-deliver. This is the mantra of the healthy video producer. In anticipation of the “storm”, he/she tends to stress when something doesn’t go wrong, so he/she will remove logistical obstacles where possible so the on-location team doesn’t get drained.

Taking responsibility for the clients’ success by not delivering content he/she knows the client doesn’t want is the overriding function of the video producer. Putting all the pieces together for a successful video project and ensuring they run smoothly are tasks that are assigned to the producer, who acts ultimately as liaison between the client and the audience. Having a professional video producer from Illustrate IT on your team is the best way to present a professional image to your audience.

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