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Video marketing is gaining strength as a valid marketing strategy as more and more online advertising is produced in that form. Everything from infomercials to training videos, to sales videos and corporate instructional and introduction videos – video marketing is making headway in the marketplace.

Video marketing, while a main aspect of advertising, can be used in so many other fields and in many other ways. Corporate trainers use videos in seminars and workshops to deliver what could otherwise be a very dry and “clinical” message, in introducing new hires to the company in orientation meetings and in annual production meetings to deliver end-of-year statistics and accolades. Sales teams use videos both for internal informational sessions about their products (as well as for training) and for promotional pieces directed at consumers, informing them of new items they are selling. Television has long used video marketing – each 30 second commercial you see is an example…and then there’s the “infomercial”, a sometimes hour-long commercial informing the viewers about the benefits and options of the particular product. All are prime examples of video marketing and wouldn’t be possible without a team of professionals.

For the best impact it is recommended that you hire a professional video marketing company for strategizing about your marketing plan. A video marketing professional can help design the best delivery for your message and can create the right look it needs for maximum results, whether straightforward and factual, humorous and entertaining, or interactive – depending on your message and target audience you will want to tailor the approach for the proper impact. For some messages, animated videos work best, using voice-over animated “cartoons” to deliver the message. These don’t necessarily have to be humorous in design, but humor does lend itself well to this format. Live-action video marketing can incorporate animation as well, to often lighten the mood or to give examples of scenarios that might be costly or wasteful if performed with actual product or people.

Illustrate IT can assist in everything from script writing to final video production for your video marketing program. Our team of professionals have experience in every aspect of video production and are ready to take your ideas, develop them, and bring them to life in video format for use in online marketing, DVD production and archive or simulcast viewing. Our desire to present your company and idea in a professional manner to the public is what drives us to match the right personnel to your project based on its style and format and their area of expertise. We work WITH you to develop YOUR message in a format and style YOU are looking for – we’re not interested in a cookie cutter look, making your video like every other we have done. Your message needs to stand out and be memorable to your audience and we strive to make that happen with video marketing custom designed for you. The team of professionals at Illustrate IT look forward to designing for you.

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