Video Animation

Using video animation is a great way to entertain and inform your customers and drive up sales. We are rapidly becoming an instant, on-demand society and it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to stay on top of trends in advertising to attract customers and drive up business. Video animation is one way advertising and marketing departments are capturing the attention of viewers to the benefit of their profits.

Whether using cartoon figures that have personality and animation or stop-action drawings that bring stick figures to life, video animation can be used for informative messages as well as entertainment. If used in advertising, the bottom-line function of video animation is to increase sales by prompting customers to take action. But advertising is not the only function of video animation.

Corporations are using video for introduction and training new staff, continuing education of seasoned personnel, and promotion of products inside the company for informing their staff of changes and new additions to their product line. Many use video for corporate conventions and general gatherings to build excitement and pride in their attendees. Live action video can be cost-prohibitive and time consuming, so many corporations use video animation to deliver their messages in the proper setting.

Video animation is also used in many applications on the Internet. The presence of so many choices for our attention is causing web designers to step up their attention grabbing techniques. Most of us, honestly, don’t want to take the time to read a full page of tedious information about a service or product we find on the web. But if we are able to watch a 1:30 minute video that is explanatory and at the same time entertaining, we are much more likely to stay on the site, increasing the chance that we will convert to that “click through” crowd.

Illustrate IT can take your simple story board or an outline of your message and incorporate video animation in a way that will display the image and project your company or product/service in a manner that you desire. They have state of the art equipment for many types of video that can add graphics and entertainment quality to your Internet message designed to capture the attention of your audience.

Another use of video animation is music and promotional videos. While many music videos feature the artist, several find additional entertainment with animated overlay of graphics. These graphic enhancements are added post production in most cases by trained video engineers using modern technology intended for just this purpose.

Regardless of your purpose for video, internal corporate use, public information and advertising, or internet traffic attraction or strictly entertainment, Illustrate IT can convert your message in text to an attractive, entertaining video using video animation.

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