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Video advertising is on the rise and, it seems, is here to stay. But with fickle consumers, marketers have to be continually monitoring and adjusting to the whims of their audience. It’s a tricky business, video advertising, but it can be very lucrative when played right. Explore with me some of the latest advice the “gurus” have to offer.

Diverging from text articles, fooling your audience isn’t as easy with videos. An article that has been thrown together in a haphazard fashion, slapdash if you will, is easier to get away with than a hastily produced video. Readers will skim and forgive a carelessly written article more quickly than they will a sloppy video and therefore many of the online video content consists of talking heads or strictly informative formats which are relatively simple to produce. Video advertising must be carefully designed and produced to realize the most ROI.

Branded content is another way you can capitalize on using custom videos for advertising, but if you don’t already have a widely-known brand, time is going to work against you. You’ll be caught in the proverbial catch-22. You need to get your name out there to get people to watch, but you need people to watch to get your name known. A more realistic approach, as simple as it sounds, may actually be the “Field of Dreams” outlook: “if you build it, he will come” The Voice said to Kevin Costner in the movie. Well, create content about which you are passionate and that people will want to watch and then convert your audience into sales, monetizing your advertising. Make it “want-able” and people will watch, even if out of curiosity.

You also want to capitalize on the timeliness of your video advertising. Keeping in touch with trends and the ebb and flow of the industry and its corresponding technology is vital to success in your video ad campaign. Longevity of an ad can be achieved if the right tools are applied. You don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel with every turn of the clock, but make sure that your ad remains fresh and up-to-date in appearance and format.

Looking back over the history of video advertising, one thing is clear: if you produce high quality content and have a sufficient distribution base across a large enough spread of consumer key points, more than enough revenue can be generated from multiple streams and platforms to build a stand-alone business that is profitable in its own right. But no one said it would happen quickly or easily. Partnering with a company like Illustrate IT to design, layout and produce your video can lend peace of mind and assurance to your endeavors. They have the experience and expertise to help you construct the right kind of ad that will build a reputable web presence that will stand the test of time.

Let Illustrate IT assist you in creating your video advertising campaign. It will be some of the best money you invest.

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