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Illustrate It, Inc. is one of the top explainer video companies in the market. We help businesses create a commanding web presence that captures the attention of their consumers. We use video to set our client’s websites apart from the myriad of others. Get ahead of your competitors. Stop flooding your website with paragraphs of text. Offer your customers something new, something entertaining and something that is sure to hold their attention. A video posted on your website could capture your consumer audience and draw attention to your website faster than line after line of text.

Top explainer video companies do far more than simply post videos on the websites of our clients. From design, layout, shooting and editing, our professional video production company goes above and beyond to make sure the videos you put on your website are 100 percent top-of-the-line. Not all top explainer video companies have the talented and creative staff that Illustrate IT is so proud to have. We will work with you to create a high quality website video that stays within your budget.

There are incredible options available for video marketing and finding the right fit for your website and company is imperative. Deciding if you want humor, matter-of-fact statistical, or a testimonial style is a good place to start. From there, you can choose from stick figure stop-action videos, live-action “talking head” ads, products that “speak” for themselves or animated cartoon-like figures to animate your video. We are one of the top explainer video companies in the market for nothing. We help our clients put all of these ideas and more together to showcase all of the business’s best assets.

In today’s “instant” market, video advertising is quickly becoming a necessity for success. It is one of the many reasons to consider online video for your business. Much more information can be delivered in a much shorter time frame with video than with a whole page of texts. It is much easier to capture your audience and convey your message with a video. And with more of us getting our information online than from more traditional sources as each year passes, gaining control of that corner of your market early-on is a key to success.

Your products and services are specialized most often for a somewhat generalized yet specific market and your marketing and advertising must be as well. Top explainer video companies like ours know how to focus your message and video to reach your specific market without eliminating or neglecting the interests of the general public. Focusing your search through one, well-written and orchestrated explainer video can lead to future attention for your business. Let Illustrate IT, one of the nation’s top explainer video companies, create your video.

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