Promotional Video Production

Promotional video production may be the key to promoting your company or business effectively. If you are considering promotional videos for advertising, media disbursement, or use on a website, Illustrate It may be able to provide the quality animated videos for your use. Animation is not just a medium for children and it has long last popularity. Animated movies are consistently top grossing in the box office and in video sales. Some of the longest running television shows are animated series. While many people think of animation as a children’s domain, society still loves good animation, be it cute and humorous or more cutting edge. We still often see animated videos in advertising as well so while a company may be looking for live action promotional video production, animation provides effective, attractive, and limitless opportunities for your company.

Unlike using standard “talking head” live action videos in promotional video production, Illustrate It is not limited to what sets, actors, or costumes can be afforded for a video production. Animation allows for limitless possibility in storytelling and video topics may range from explanatory videos that illustrate a business’ background to an animated diagram that explains the possibilities of a complex product or your business services.

With Illustrate It, every step of your promotional video production is completed with your input and information. The process begins with a briefing where you will fill Illustrate It in on what you want your video to do and what your company is all about. From there, a longer conference call will clarify your needs and combine that with Illustrate It’s professional marketing advice. A script and, soon after, a storyboard will be available to show you the story line and rough images of your video. Voice actors will be narrowed down for your final narration selection and, lastly, you will view a preliminary video for your additional second-by-second commentary. The process for your video will take anywhere from four to six weeks, with constant ability for you as the client to log into a special web viewer to check on progress of the project, ask questions, and comment.

Whether you are searching for a light-hearted, comedic video, or something more educational and elegant, Illustrate It, an Addy award winning company with the American Advertising Federation, can provide with creative energy and enthusiasm and a fresh outlook that will help energize your business. Without the limitations of live action, it is still possible to add dynamic video content to your website, presentations, and advertising plan if you pursue promotional video production with Illustrate It.

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