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When you hear the term “production companies” you think of highly expensive, graphically enhanced video companies that produce videos and movies with a big staff and lots of extra people catering to these big wigs. What if we told you that we are not that type of production company? Instead, we are a smaller company who caters to small and medium sized businesses to help your company grow. We help you by producing videos that explain a position, a brand strategy, a value proposition and more. Whatever your message is that you want people to remember, we can help get your message across visually.

We are Illustrate It, Inc. and we are here to save the day! We create explainer videos. They are generally a short video that visually explains something be it a new product, a position, your commitment or more. Think of them as your two-minute elevator speech. You have to capture your audience’s attention and get your point across quickly or you could lose them for good. It is proven that people retain 58 percent more of your message when it is explained visually. We will create drawn analogies that exemplify & enlighten, making your message clear and succinct. Your video will be fun while still helping to build your company’s reputation. We beat out other production companies because we care about our clients and your needs.

We are a rare breed of production companies. We are affordable and want you to be an integral part of the entire video creation process. We want to make sure that your video fits your company and will promote a good reputation. We sit down with you and talk to you about your message and what you want to convey. Then we draw up a storyboard and develop a script. We ask for your review and feedback every step of the way. Then we produce the video and ask for your feedback again. The end result is a clear and succinct video delivered to you that you can use anywhere you please.

Many production companies expect you to pay a ton of money and wait a million years for your final video. Then, they want the whole thing to be a surprise. Not us! We want you to know exactly what you are getting and where we need to make improvements. We want you to have your video delivered in a timely manner and within your budget. Usually videos take about six to eight weeks from beginning to the final product. We can produce final videos faster but it depends on timely client feedback.

It is time you considered where your business stands in comparison to your competition. It is time to think about the image you want to portray. Are you willing to spend millions on well-known production companies and question whether the video will be a reputation builder or let Illustrate It be involved in your great ideas?

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