Motion Graphics Companies: What They Can Do for You

Motion graphics is a term that usually describes a short film that presents a products or service, or gives instructions for operating or assembling an item. Motion graphics companies produce a variety of products for a variety of purposes. Film and television use motion graphics, but they can also be used in explainer videos and other short animations. Illustrate iT Video is a company of very creative, free thinking people who use motion graphics, among other tools, to produce short videos for businesses.

One of the first uses of the term ‘motion graphics’ was by animator John Whitney in 1960 who called his company called Motion Graphics Inc. Motion graphics originated with computer video editing before computers were widely available. It was costly and time-consuming until computers became widely available, but has seen more widespread with the availability of desktop programs such as Adobe and Apple Motion have become increasingly accessible. The term ‘motion graphics’ was popularized by Trish and Chris Meyer’s book about the use of Adobe After Effects, titled “Creating Motion Graphics” which was the beginning of desktop applications which specialized in video production, but were not editing or 3D programs. Many trends in motion graphics tend to be based on specific software’s capabilities, the software is only a tool the broadcast designer uses while bringing the vision to life. In recent years motion graphics has begun to integrate many traditional animation techniques as well, including stop-motion animation, cel animation or a combination of both.

Motion graphics tools
One of the most popular motion graphics tools is a particle system; a motion graphics technology that is used for generating multiple animated elements. This type of animation is commonly referred to as procedural animation. Particles are points in 3-D or 2-D space that can be represented by animated objects such as a ball of light, a video clip, or a selection of text which for example, can be exploded, melted, or transformed into blowing sand.

Elements of a motion graphics project can be animated by various means, depending on the capabilities of the software. These elements may be in the form of art, text, photos, and video clips. The most popular form of animation is keyframing, in which the properties of the object can be automatically altered. Yet another method involves the use of formulas or scripts.

Motion graphics companies
Some companies work exclusively for film and television, but a great deal of creative work is also being done by companies that make explainer videos for companies that wish to get the word out about their services and products. Illustrate iT Video would love the opportunity to show everyone what good motion graphics companies can do for your business!

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