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Are you searching for marketing videos but afraid that the cost and extensive creation time will make them useless for your fast paced company? Illustrate It, an Addy award winning company with the American Advertising Federation, offers custom designed animations that fit your company’s style for an affordable price and a blazing fast turn-around time. Everyone knows that video is the most progressive and easiest way to get your customers’ attention on the internet. However, for most businesses, costs in the tens of thousands of dollars and a long creative process make using live actors or even animated videos prohibitive to include in their advertising plans. Illustrate It, however, has several methods to get around those restrictions for marketing videos.

Because Illustrate It uses and believes in technology, their company is built around the concept of talent and suitability, rather than geographical hiring. Illustrate It’s employees are located all across several countries, allowing them to send in their work without the restrictions and hassle of needing to come into the office. Because of this, the company can maintain a lower overhead and better pricing to pass on to the customer. This also allows Illustrate It to hire the best of the best, no matter where they live, so your marketing videos are in safe hands. A fully animated explainer video typically takes four to six weeks to complete, with you as a business owner or representative being able to access its creation each step of the way. As soon as you have your first briefing with Illustrate It, writers will get underway on a script and then artists will begin to conceptualize the animation your film will require. You can view scripts, storyboards, and even choose the voice over actors, as well as viewing a rough completed film that you can add commentary to on a second by second basis for real time feedback. Making marketing videos has never been so interactive, simple, or stress free.

Your animated videos will be completely customized to your company’s needs. Style, purpose, and content are all determined from extensive briefings and discussions between Illustrate It and yourself. No pre-prepared animation is used; your video will be created from scratch and customized for you. Not all animated videos are cute and if you want to avoid cute characters and humor, Illustrate It can accommodate those requests. Similarly, if you are looking for a more light hearted film, Illustrate It can create that as well. Whichever style would suit your company can be created for you whether you are trying to showcase your company’s history, show an important product, or explain a complicated service. Illustrate It creates fast, affordable marketing videos.

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