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You want to make a video but where do you start? What is the message you want to deliver? What mediums do you want to use to deliver your video message? And what type of video do you want to use? An animated explainer video on your website is one great idea. A demonstration video of a new product displayed within your stores is another great idea. Whatever your reasons for wanting a video, Illustrate It, Inc. can create your ideas visually and produce a quality video that will help to build your reputation.

Videos are a great way to visually explain a complex message. It combines simple analogies and fun motion graphics to deliver your message clearly. We offer our video marketing services to start-ups, medium and large companies to help simplify their message in a fun and entertaining format. We make a video from your idea, value proposition, product, service and more.

One of the most important things that we ask is your involvement while we make a video to suit your needs. We want your feedback both good and bad. We want to make sure the video we create and produce not only gets your message across but does so in a way that will help your company’s reputation and build your loyal customer base. It is important to us to have you review the storyboards and scripts, the motion graphics and style and more. We want your input every step of the way through to final production and delivery. After all, it is solely your video and should be a good representation of your company.

Have you ever tried to make a video on your own? It is rather time consuming and can be frustrating if you are not technically savvy. Although we usually can make one to three minute videos in about six weeks, sometimes we need a little more or less time. A lot depends on your review and feedback as well as how long the video is, how graphically intense it is and how complex the message is. Regardless, you can be sure that your final product is well worth the wait and the money.

We offer you affordable quality explainer videos. One reason we are much more affordable than other production companies is because we are a virtual team of professionals who are passionate about making your video dreams come true. We keep our overhead low, which helps keep our costs and bills to a minimum. In this way, we are able to pass the savings on to you. It is part of the reason why so many of our past clients love us and continue to return to us to make a video for their company. We can help you too so contact us today!

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