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How do you make a cartoon that will be fun and entertaining while still delivering your message in a clear and succinct manner? With Illustrate It, Inc. of course! We are here to make your message clear while giving it personality and flair. Whether you seek to promote a new product, deliver your commitment to customer service, explain how funds are used in your non-profit business or any other type of short message, we are here to create an interesting and fun explainer video that will capture your audience’s attention and deliver your message in a way that will exemplify and enlighten.

Illustrate It, Inc. is comprised of a passionate team of professionals from scriptwriters and illustrators to producers. We love what we do so iT never feels like work to us. We got iT and you can get iT too when you choose us to make a cartoon for your company. We know you think of cartoons and think of simple plots with funny characters. Well, that is exactly what you get! We take your complex message and make it simple with analogies. We use visual communication with funny characters to help deliver your message in an easy to understand format.

We know you have a lot of questions about how we make a cartoon and make it relevant to your company. That is where you come in. We want your feedback and input every step of the way. We start with the brief and kick-off where you tell us about your company and the message you want to convey. Then, we write the script and storyboard where we ask for your suggestions and feedback. Next, comes the production process with voiceovers, sound effects and animation. This is a rough draft of the final product and we ask for your input again throughout this process. Finally, we deliver to you a final video that is everything you dreamed iT would be.

Your video, which you own, is a quality video and a solid representation of your company. We want to ensure your video portrays your company in a respectable and responsible manner. Even the most stoic companies can use cartoons and animations to deliver complex messages in easy to understand analogies. It is a great way to make a cartoon deliver a serious and memorable message while still being fun. As a matter of fact, people retain 58 percent more of your message when it is delivered visually as well as audibly.

When you have an important message to get across, remember Illustrate It, Inc. and how we can help you deliver a serious and important message in an entertaining way. Call us today to make a cartoon for your company and take your message delivery system to a new level.

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