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Information graphics can take your website from confusing to illuminating. While spending money on search engine optimization, savvy web design, and marketing research can certainly pull customers to your site, sometimes it is easy to lose those same customers because they do not quickly and easily see the value or your company or product. What is an easy way to address this problem? Illustrate It can help by producing custom and creative animated information graphics to explain your company, product, or service.

People retain visual information fifty eight percent more than they do other types of information. With audio and visual combined, these percentages increase even further. When your web site has an animated video to draw in customers, your chances of them retaining the presented information or recalling your business or presentation are much higher. Information graphics can take a complicated concept and explain it simply, easily, and creatively to your customer base. With Illustrate It, we custom create each animated explainer video for your presentation; we do not use canned graphics or stock photography. Because of this, the video you create with us will be a one of a kind creation that is tailor made to your presentation and company, reflecting your style, and even incorporating characters or logos that are associated with your business.

Information graphics are useful if your website or product concept is difficult to explain in words. A clearly narrated animation can simplify a complicated and complex production process or show various features of your website. While blocks of text to explain your business may scare off a potential customer with too much intensive reading analysis or unfamiliar vocabulary, an animated film that breaks down this information, however, is accessible and much more time effective for your customers, capitalizing on those few minutes before they leave your website.

Illustrate It has a team of creative, qualified animators and designers at your disposal. With competitive costs, it becomes possible to have a fully custom animated video for your company’s web site or presentation without breaking the bank. Since sixty percent of online traffic to websites comes from online videos, it is impossible to ignore the benefits of including a custom animation on your front page. Illustrate It will keep you involved with every step of the process, allowing you to choose voice actors, approve rough drafts of the video, and giving you full ownership rights of the completed product. With options from white board style films to serial web logs with reoccurring characters to simpler explanatory videos, Illustrate It has something to offer to everyone. Information graphics are a sure way to attract attention to your business.

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