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Using info graphics is such a fun way to express information that could otherwise be tedious and boring. Really, who wants to read paragraph after paragraph of statistics and try to make sense of the information? Info graphics takes all that monotonous drudgery and transforms it into appealing, eye catching, attention grabbing graphic form that is easy to interpret.

You might think that info graphics are too complicated to incorporate into your marketing and advertising campaign. Enter Illustrate IT, a professional corporate video production company. Illustrate IT has account managers with knowledge and experience not in just custom videos but in all facets of video marketing including info graphics. They can convert your lifeless data into attractive graphics that will capture the interest of your audience at a glance. Which will make your message much more received and isn’t that the point after all?

Info graphics include pie charts, bar graphs, timelines, flow charts, maps, icons and more. Using these tools to convey the information you have to deliver is an easy way to make the message clear and easily understood. Periodic sales data can be displayed in chart form with a solid line showing increase and decrease of sales over time. A directional arrow at the end of the line, showing the overall trend can add more impact. Distribution of funds to various expense accounts can be shown clearly by illustration with a pie chart, showing which expense gets the largest, and possibly dis-proportionate piece of the pie. Timelines can show key occurrences in the life of the company and using graphics and icons along the timeline can make it much more appealing and interesting.

The examples listed above are just a few of the ways info graphics can be used to graphically display information that would otherwise lose the attention of the audience. Realistically, we don’t think in “words”; we think in pictures. If you hear the word “elephant”, you don’t likely picture the word, you picture the animal. Words can have emotional impact, of course, but pictures tend to remain part of our memory much longer. Many movies are made from books for this very reason. When you read a book, your mind automatically makes a mental movie of the words you read, but it is someone else’s vision that puts that book on film for the world to see. Another example of info graphics, even in a liberal sense.

Incorporating these tools into your advertising and marketing media campaign can be tedious if you’re unaccustomed to technique or technology for the best approach. Hiring a corporate video production company like Illustrate IT to work with you to apply graphics to your data and information can bring peace of mind and great success to your purpose. Let Illustrate IT bring your data alive with professional info graphics. Your audience will be sure to get the picture!

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