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Illustration design is designed to enhance the creative processes between graphic design and illustration. It combines the ideas of art and motion graphics to deliver amazing videos that are unique to your needs. However, unless you are a talented artist or great with computers, the idea of combining both illustrations and graphics can be rather complex. That is where we step in to help you create videos that will exemplify and enlighten in a fun and entertaining way.

Illustrate It, Inc. can create explainer videos, two-minute elevator speech videos, training videos and any other type of custom video you may need. Whatever your video needs, we are here to make it happen with attention to details, time frames and quality. We start with a brief where we talk to you to get an idea of what your company needs are and how we can best help solve those issues. Then we create a storyboard and script to make your message simple and easy to understand. We are constantly seeking your input to see where improvements might be needed and then deliver the final video in a format you desire. Not many illustration design and video production companies seek your input every step of the way.

Illustrate It is your affordable solution to creating and producing explainer videos. We offer you quality videos. We have a passionate and creative team of professionals from our illustration design team and animators to our scriptwriters. You can be confident that you are getting the best work ever because our passion is shown in the final results of your video. Whether you want to explain it or translate it or market it, we can produce a video that will suit your needs and help build your reputation.

We understand how difficult it can be sometimes to get your point across be it a complex idea, a proposition statement or a simple service. In the first 30 seconds of talking, you either have the attention of your audience or you have lost them for good. With a visual explanation you can capture their attention and help them understand your message. Custom videos can give you edge you need to drive potential customers to your company and retain your existing customers. Illustration design videos are a great way to gain and retain customers.

We feel a desire to help you make videos that will be valuable to your company and represent you in a positive manner. We keep our video production affordable and pass savings on to our customers. We strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations when it comes to creating and producing your video. Leave the motion graphics and illustration design to us while you give us the input needed to produce a quality video you will be proud to display.

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