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A great illustration agency is one that maintains quality and passion while still being affordable. They will understand your needs and have you involved throughout the creative and production processes. They express concern for the reputation and standards of your company as well as their own. Finally, they build relationships with you. Illustrate IT! is your only choice for high quality videos with graphics, illustrations and more.

Video marketing is by far the best medium for others to understand your message and bring people to your website. People retain 58% more of your message if it is explained visually. The fact is that 60% of all web traffic comes from watching an online video and you are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search result just by having a video on your home page. Having a quality video on your home page shows you pay attention to details and only hire the best illustration agency around to produce your explainer videos.

We are a creative bunch of professionals with a passion for high quality videos. We want to make sure that your video is exactly how your visualized it or better. We provide many video services to help you same time and money. Our services include but are not limited to script writing, voice over review, sound design, production and delivery. We also walk you through the process. We strive to make your vision into a reality and produce a video you and your company are proud to show.

As an illustration agency with high standards, we have even set in place a management system that allows you access to the progress of your video project. We value your input and this gives you ability to make suggestions, comments or constructive criticism. It also gives you the ability to clarify your ideas and to make sure that we are in sync with your overall message.

Now, the two most important questions you may be asking are how long does the video production process take and who owns the video once it is completed. Video production takes about four to six weeks from inception through to completion and implementation. Since we are an illustration agency that values your input, some of the time frame includes your feedback and ideas. Once the video is completed, you fully own the rights to it. We ask you for permission to use it in our marketing campaign. We take pride in our work but ultimately the idea and the finished project is yours to use as you see fit.

We look forward to working with you and hope that you will review our portfolio and read the testimonials on our website. We have samples of our work on our home page as well to show you the type of illustration agency you will be hiring. Contact us today to get started making your ideas into a visual reality.

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