Funny Animated Videos

Everyone can recall some funny animated videos that have stuck in their minds. Perhaps you were a fan of Saturday morning cartoons or you know children who still enjoy cartoons and animated movies today. If so, you know that animation is a powerful tool that can capture any environment, message, and tone and deliver a variety of messages. Video itself is equally powerful, particularly on the internet, with Youtube receiving billions of hits each year and often directing traffic to separate websites from video links. Funny animated videos continue to be one of the most popular forms of video on the internet and comedy videos lead the way in hits.

How can all of this help you turn internet video into business? Video can keep your customers on your site longer and make a larger impact than large blocks of text or a lecture-like live action video with a speaker droning on about your company. Illustrate It specializes in custom created funny animated videos and other animated videos that can explain your company, product, or services. These short explainer videos are under two minutes long and provide a catchy, short introduction for your customers, helping you turn wandering internet surfers into actual customers. Perhaps you wish to summarize your company’s style, give an illustrated explanation of an important product, or provide an animated overview of a service or how your site functions. Whatever you wish to do, a short animated video will allow you to focus on specific and precise information and deliver in in an entertaining manner.

Even if you are not looking for funny animated videos, Illustrate It can assist with many types of animation. None of our animation is stock photography or images. Each video produced is unique and tailored to your needs, with your business maintaining all of the rights of usage after production. You can, thus, use your video for advertising, sending to local media, as part of a display, or part of a convention presentation, whatever you choose! Despite the popularity of comedic video, you may want a more elegant or serious video. You will be able to discuss all your needs with Illustrate It’s top notch animation and marketing teams in an initial briefing and, later, in a more detailed follow up call. Illustrate It ensures that you have constant access to the creation process of your video, allowing you to pick voice over narrators, view story boards, and to comment in a rough video cut on a second by second basis so that you can fine tune and adjust every aspect of your animated video. Whether you are looking for funny animated videos, or more serious marketing videos, Illustrate It can help.

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