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Flash animation clips are these cool little movies that enhance your website. They can add pop and sizzle to an otherwise boring bunch of words. But why would your website need flash animation, sizzle or pop? To grab the attention of your visitors, of course, have them spend a little more time on your site, and convert their visit into a sale…and isn’t that the point?

People visit websites for all sorts of reasons. Some just browse the internet looking for something to interest them, seeing what’s out there in this big world-wide-web. Others know specifically what they’re searching for and go directly to your site from a lead off your business card or another advertisement they saw. But what is going to make your site stand out among the millions available? Why would they stay on your site and buy from you? What edge do you have over your competition? This is where flash animation come in – to set you apart from the rest.

Flash animation is an animated film in a specific file format, typically .swf, that allows for graphics and audio to be displayed on most any device regardless of bandwidth or speed. It is simplistic in form, rather unpolished, but serves a great purpose in today’s atmosphere of varying upgrades and technological advances. Not everyone needs the newest, latest, and greatest equipment to be able to see a flash film…it is rudimentary and available to most everyone. But that does not mean that the quality of the project is inferior necessarily. If you are considering using flash animation, though, it would be helpful to have a professional team, like those at Illustrate IT help you incorporate it into your site.

Illustrate IT can build your site to hold a flash animation film that will capture the attention of your audience without causing lag or drag on their systems. They have the capability and experience to help you, from conceptualizing your video to actual production and hosting of it. And while you will want to make your custom videos your own, speaking to your audience and representing your company directly, as opposed to using a canned video, their library of past projects can be a tremendous launching pad for your own ideas.

While flash animation is not new, it is experiencing a bit of a resurgence. In the late 1990s, when most Internet users were using lower bandwidth, many flash animation artists used limited animation or “cutout animation” when creating flash projects strictly intended for viewing on the web. Some of these were early films were not the best quality, of course. Some indications of poorly-produced flash animation are jerky natural movements (walking and talking), audio that isn’t synced with its “speaker” looking like a bad lip-sync job, and rough, quich changes from front to profile view.

With technology’s advancements, a professional team like Illustrate IT is a great help to have when creating your flash animation. They can give you the polish you need with little stress.

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