The Wonderful World of Explainer Videos

Some of the coolest things to come out of the recent computer software explosion are explainer videos! These handy little short films or animations make communicating so much easier. We all know words can have different meanings to different people, and what one person meant to say is not always what the other person heard. Communication has been described as trying to transfer the picture in one person’s head into another person’s head; it is not an easy task!

Explainer videos let you communicate with pictures as well as words
Pictures make it so much easier; and using explainer videos you can actually show what your product or service does, or how to operate your latest widget, or what your organization is doing with the donations it receives. Of course pictures WITH words are the best of both worlds, and that is what you get with explainer videos!

Explainer videos from Illustrate iT Video
Illustrate iT Video can make explainer videos so that everyone who sees them will get your message and understand what your company has to offer, or how to operate your widget without cutting their fingers off, or why they should donate to your charity, or anything else you need people to understand. Our staff is a wonderful mix of people with both artistic talent and business acumen. You give us your brief, telling us about your group and what you wish to accomplish, the your staff and ours get together on a discovery call where we brainstorm with you, the get busy developing script and storyboard for you to approve. Explainer videos can be done in a number of creative ways. We always give you with the final approval on script, storyboard, voiceover, and you get to make comments and corrections before we produce the final product. Your Explainer video is then delivered to you in whatever format you prefer.

Great! Now what do I do with it?
Now comes the fun part! You can use your explainer video to communicate with your customers, clients, membership, or the general public in a number of ways. By adding your explainer video to your website browsers will stay there longer and become interested enough to look further. You can publish them as SEO items to increase your internet visibility. You can use them in live presentations, or run them on a monitor in your waiting room so your clients, instead of reading year old magazines, can watch and learn while they wait. You may never want to go back to long dull paragraphs of text once you discover how easy it is to communicate with explainer videos from Illustrate iT Video!

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