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Illustrate It, Inc. is a video animation company that creates animated videos. An explainer video is an animated video used to simplify a company’s message. They are also used to market products and services provided by the company. By having a video on the home page of your website, your business is 53 times more likely to appear in the first page of search results on today’s popular search engines. A video is more likely to grasp the attention of web-page viewers than written text alone. Video marketing is by far the best medium to convert traffic on your website. We make it easy for you to reach out to consumers and get your message across with our videos.

Our projects are successful time after time simply because we love what we do and our passion is reflected in the quality of our work. Your explainer video will be no exception. We have pride in our work and will see to it that your video is nothing short of amazing.

We develop whiteboard explanatory videos, motion graphic videos, animated videos and other styles. Our animated video packages include comprehensive project management, video script writing, full video storyboard development, a professional voice over, illustration/animation and professional audio post production.

We use BasecampHQ and Wistia to make it possible for you to watch our progress and share input at every stage in the production process of your explainer video. That way, if you have a new idea, or see something that should be corrected; we can edit and make changes fast. This ensures your explainer video will present your business in a way that is satisfactory to you.

When starting a new project, we like to get to know our clients. To understand your needs, we ask in-depth questions about your business and what your marketing goals are. We funnel all the information into our labs and start the video script & storyboard development. We also work with you and explain our production process, answering your questions and concerns along the way.

After we have a firm understanding of your needs and goals, we get to work. Our script writing and storyboard development team put their heads together to write a narrative for your explainer video. They also develop key images and graphics to be illustrated and used in your video. Then it is off to production. We audition a number of voice-over actors and allow you to pick whom you would like to narrate your video. We will provide different voice-over demos for you to choose from. Then, your voice-over of the script will be recorded. “Illustrated & animated” production will be developed around the video storyboard created by our development team. We’ll work with you to make any changes or edits you want in the explainer video and then send you the final cut of the video in Wistia.

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