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An explainer video is an animated film production used to introduce a product or service through a website. It is a web video that complements textual information in audio-visual form and can be delivered across a wide range of online platforms such as networking sites, newsletters, emails, You Tube, blogs and mobile systems. The best of these types of videos are short, concise and get the message across faster than the written word saving time for both your business and Internet shoppers.

These videos start with a great script which is sketched out in visual form where all potential scenes are shown with detailed descriptions. After the designer is given approval, the next step is creating each action and movement that will animate the video. Then voice over is added by a professional narrator along with music if wanted to enhance sound effects and create more of an impact.

Studies show that in this day and age of Internet shoppers, retention rate is increased by an explanatory video production because of the stimulation of both the visual and auditory senses. In addition a well- designed video reduces the amount of time it takes to tell the story while boosting long-term memory about your business, product or service and what benefits you offer. You are much more likely to beat any competitor who doesn’t highlight his/her website information with one of these videos.

Another benefit of a top notch explainer video is its ability to simplify your website message while explaining who you are and what you do in a less boring manner. It is a great way to bring your product to life and connect emotionally with the viewers. Your company will look more professional and your message is more likely to build credibility with prospects. You will create more opportunity to share your vision with the world marketplace.

There are several steps in designing and developing a video from developing initial concepts, to script writing (including as many edits as necessary, to story boarding which will include color, imagery and visual metaphor, to animation and review. Clients are given plenty of opportunity to share their feedback with the animator production team before final product delivery.

Here at Illustrate iT, we are an animated explainer video production agency. We are in the business of customer service and satisfaction. It is our goal to work with our clients to get the best results possible with the least amount of cost, but we won’t promise what we can’t deliver. We want your video production to provide the best communication to your target audience on who you are and what you do. We want your process to be smooth, easy and incredibly efficient so you will be thrilled with your final explainer video product.

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