Explainer Video Production Services

An explainer video production is a short entertaining film clip which explains a product, service, brand, or an idea. This video can be used as animated marketing videos, commercial videos or company training videos. Sometimes the videos contain animated characters in order to better stimulate and retain the attention of the viewer.

Since more companies are becoming savvy about attracting relevant business with video, website owners today need to give serious consideration to developing an explainer video in order to be competitive in attracting more of their share of online shoppers. Research shows that explainer videos are more effective when introducing a new business process or introducing a new product to the internet marketplace. They are more useful for explaining step by step instructions on how to use a product or service.

Despite the fact that the best explainer video production may only last 60-90 seconds, a lot of work goes into the creation process between developing the message, creating the script, designing the animation and audio portion, and then adding a professional voice over. The biggest challenge is in understanding the message the business owner wants to impart, creating brand awareness and solving the problem of any potential viewer.

We can produce product demos, web videos, motion graphics and creative web design interfaces without compromising the technical quality of any video. No matter what type of video product you need, you can feel assured that we can accomplish the task with highly satisfactory results and the most effective results. We can also assist your business in knowing the various services to host your video through and information about the users who are watching your video. While all video hosting platforms allow users to see basic information about their explainer video production, the most important metrics for long term success take time and trial testing so you can make any real time changes for better use.

Our team at Illustrate iT Video knows how to teach and breed understanding with your online audience to fully access your video while gathering and analyzing information that matches to your website’s purpose and the purpose of your explainer video. Our professionals also pay attention to the pace of your video. Narration must fit into a specific time frame and never rushed. The message needs to be communicated naturally, which can involve pauses and transitions so your video executes the message properly and the viewer will not miss out on hearing or understanding any part. You want your explainer video production to create an immediate impact on your target audience.

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